Japan’s biggest cycle event! ! NIPPO presents TRACK PARTY 2018 in AUTUMN

~ CYCLE ENTERTAINMENT IZU ~ Schedule: October 13 (Sat) and 14 (Sun) in 2018

Public interest foundation foundation JKA will present NIPPO presents “TRACK PARTY 2018 in AUTUMN ~ CYCLE ENTERTAINMENT IZU ~” at Izu Velodrome (Izu city, Shizuoka prefecture) where the 2020 Tokyo Olympic bicycle competition will be held on October 13, 2018 (Saturday) · 14th (Sun).
【Official website: http: //www.track-party.com/

TRACK PARTY is held as the first festival cycle event in Japan in 2017.
In addition, in addition to the track race in which domestic and international top players compete in the spring of 2018 in the second time, attraction contents such as general participation type bicycle race and family food festival are carried out. 3000 people gathered to expand the contents such as music live. Japan’s largest festival cycle event with both name and reality.

The third event “TRACK PARTY 2018 in AUTUMN” was decided to be held. In addition, it was held for the first two days this time. We aim to power up as a festival cycle event.

In the main event, the track race, a lot of top players from all over the world participated this time, mainly focusing on the Olympic formal event which was very popular last time. Increase “Paid VIP Area”. “Family food festival” which was popular in outdoor areas as well as “various experience zones” are also held continuously. We also operated a free shuttle bus from the neighboring main station and this time also held for 2 days from children to adults.

※ This time we will hold a collaboration with “Izu Skyline International Hill Climb” to be held on Sunday, October 14 (Sunday). It is an event that you can enjoy for a bicyclist competition fans alot.

Content Introduction

Main race / Track competition
More than 50 top players from all over the world who are active in the world participate in the Tokyo Olympic bicycle competition site “Izu Velodrome”. Sharp, medium and long distance race, total of 5 types (Keirin, Elimination, Madison, Team Pursuit) are taken.

Featured player

Yuji Nitta (32)
2018 Asian Games Silin Silver Medalist. A powerful run that is quite inconspicuous to foreigners makes us forget the belief that “Japanese people do not compete with foreigners”. Being active in social contribution activities, interchange is widely in the sports world beyond the framework of bicycle competition, and we are constantly stepping up the status of bicycle racing every day.

Ishii Hiroko (32)
2017 Girls Grand Prix Queen. Girls Keilin, of course, has a strong lead in pulling Japan in cycling competitions. It is also known to donate prizes well to disaster areas and others, and a glimpse of one side that is nice against the nickname “giant devil of the bank” and girlish looks can be seen.

Matties Bufri (25)
Rio Olympic Games, Silver Medalist. 2018 World Championship team sprint gold medalist. Even at Japan’s bicycling race, mass production of winning stars is in progress. His taste is that there is no unevenness in grades, stable and strong, but when he is in a good condition, he receives an impression that he can not hold his hand. I am practicing Japanese and improving my answer in Japanese.

Hidehisa Hashimoto (24)
2018 Asian Games Omnium gold medalist. 17-18 season world cup omnium silver medalist. I am good at racing with outstanding race sense and bargaining. I do not throw it away, because I call out to various people, there are also many foreign friends’ friends. To him who pushes forward with positive thinking, the medal of Tokyo 2020 is not a dream.

【Track Party 2017】

Short range attention type “Qilin”
In the Olympic sports event originating in Japan, a competition of 6 people fighting 1,500 m (6 laps). The first lap runs with the lottery frame in order, the first half at the slow pace, such as doing the wind blow by the leading car until the third lap, but the speed feeling overwhelming the second half dominates the bank.

Medium-long distance attention type “Madison”
Popular event born in New York ‘Madison Square Garden’. 1 team 2 people 1 pair, running on 60 laps while freely changing with hand touch. Team’s strategy to think about allocating physical strength for victory and to determine the timing of replacement. Do not drop speed, you must see techniques of brilliant players who take turns instantly.

Family-oriented content
■ Family food festival

Family food festival which was well popular even at the track party of May was held again. Famous gourmet shops in the metropolitan area gather from local gourmets. Also holding food system attractions such as tuna dismantling show.

■ Gazamp at the door!
Every time a popular participatory event, a time attack event “Delivery by Gashan!” Carried out with a soba dish continues to be held.
Participation acceptance on the day.

■ AED workshop / fire engine, ambulance, police car ride experience / fluffy
Based on local firefighting and police cooperation, we plan to implement AED training sessions to enjoy safer than bicycles.
We also plan to have a fire engine, an ambulance and a patrol car. Fluffy is also installed. Children’s best photo spot.

Event overview

Event overview

Track Party 2018 in Autumn – Cycle Entertainment Is –

event date
October 13 (Sat) and 14 (Sun) in 2018

As a venue for the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Bicycle Competition in 2020
“Track race” held at home and abroad at the top of the Izu Velodrome got a lot of attention.
Others, Japan’s largest festival cycle event such as family food festival and experiencing corner that children can enjoy.

Izu Velodrome and its surroundings (Ohno City, Izu City, Shizuoka prefecture 1826 within the Japan Cycle Sports Center)

Admission fee
Admission · Free watching free (some, charged VIP area sale)

Public interest foundation corporation JKA

Izu City, Izunokuni City, Ito City, Shizuoka City, Numazu City, Mishima City, Shizuoka Shimbun Company · Shizuoka Broadcasting, K-mix

Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan Bicycle Sports Federation, General Shozo Prefecture Cycle Sports Federation, Japan Cycle Sports Center

NIPPO Co., Ltd., Nikkan Supotsu Shimbun Co., Ltd., JTB Corporation, Bridgestone Cycle Co., Ltd., Descente Inc., Japan Photo Decision Co., Ltd., Baird Brewing

General inquiries

10: 00 ~

Official site

Official SNS
LINE @ TRACK PARTY 2018 Official account
The latest news from the track party will arrive!

Play guide
Sale on Saturday, September 15 (Sat) from 10 o’clock

Opening day 10:00
Track race 13th 13: 00-16: 20 / 14th 12: 30-15: 45
Family Food Festival Both day 10: 00-16: 00
Outdoor Event Daily 10: 00-16: 00
K-mix Radio DJ Talk Live 13th 12: 30-12: 45 (Mina Takahashi) / 14th 12: 00-12: 15 (Takahashi Masazumi)
Tuna dismantling show 13th 11: 30-12: 00
STREET SPORTS JAM 13th 15: 20-15: 35
HIFANA Live 14th 15: 00-15: 20
Closure 13: 16: 30/14: 4: 00

◎ Izu Skyline International Hill Climb HP http://izuhill.com
※ Contents of the day · schedule etc on the day may be changed / canceled. Please note.
※ Information on the shuttle bus will be announced at the official website at a later date.


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